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Connecting businesses, ideas, and people for greater impact

Serving ABQ's Westside Business Community

We want a higher quality of life for our residents, and we want to ensure our area businesses have the resources for success.

Our value

A thriving Westside is within reach.

The Albuquerque Westside Business Association was founded in 2020 to serve as a voice for the westside business community. We found that the area west of the river, north of Central Ave. was an underserved community. The lack of infrastructure, limited river crossings, has a great impact on locally-owned small businesses. 


Rewriting the impression of the west side. Vibrant neighborhoods with thriving businesses, more opportunities for economic development, and an engaged, connected community.


We support the economic and educational development of Albuquerque’s west side, while preserving the cultural history of the city.


What's good for the Westside of Albuquerque is good for New Mexico.

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